Our recruitment process is done by our Ozeol ambassadors and manager’s identity, interview, select and hire new employees. Our process is 100% in-house, as we believe in developing our team members’ skills.

Ozeol recruitment team works closely with each department to identify hiring needs. Once we receive your application, and if you match the position, you will first receive a call and will be informed of the hiring procedure.

We build long-lasting relationships between candidates and businesses

Ozeol sets a list of actions to take in order to find the right candidates in alignment with our department requirements.

Ozeol hiring process is aimed to be internal and external which is decided by the Management who works closely with the Operational Managers.

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Our Expert Team

Ozeol gives you the opportunity to grow and build your long-term career amongst ambitious people.

Amal Ben Ameur

Recruitment Team leader

Rania Mejri

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Hamza Gammoudi

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Sarraj Anwar

Asia zone manager

Sarraj Anwar is one of our talent success stories. He integrated Ozeol as a buyer in 2012. Anwar never ceased to climb the ladder of accomplishment and prosperity.

Find out more about Anwar in our February Newsletter.

With Our Talent

Haouet Olfa 

Senior Purchaser 

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