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About us.

Offering global stock solutions since 2010, Ozeol is a worldwide supplier of B2B products. Ozeol allows you to sell your inventories quickly, reducing storage costs. Some of our experts have over 20 years of experience in global business solutions for production.

We operate internationally in order to identify surplus stock of finished products including end of collection, changes in packaging, surplus stock, cancelled orders, 2nd choice, and etc.

During the past ten years, we have gone limitless to achieve our goals which is to offer you the best solutions for your stock concerns. Ozeol today has more than 200 members in its team thanks to its people who mustered up the courage to take a global perspective and to follow what others would have called “unrealistic ambitions”.

We give you the best personalized solutions.

Benefits of Working With Us


We adhere to strict quality checks throughout the process.


A cost-effective approach to your over-stock.


Our clearance specialists work with total transparency.

Sell your overstock

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Our Values

These 5 values are the focal point of Ozeol

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Our 360° Buying Process

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WHat We Do

We offer the best alternative solutions to your unsold and dead stock. Our success is based on our abilities to react quickly in order to sell unsold items. Ozeol is always close to you as we have a global reach and our logistics and transport services operate everywhere in the world.

Our mission is to always select an optimal solution that will be cost effective and time oriented. Ozeol’s quick process has 4 steps: Negotiation, Quality Check, Shipment and Payment.

Our Vision


Our aim is to provide innovative solutions with a focus on environmental and stock investment leadership. We believe that a great team is made of satisfied employees, who can then achieve excellent results. We care about their training and well-being inside and outside the workplace.

Furthermore, we have built long-term results, and we are convinced that if we take the right steps today, we will continue to have a strong company and achieve outstanding performance with a positive impact in the future.

Ozeol leaders… 

Nadege lenoir


Stéphanie Gagneaud

HR Support

Mohamed saadaoui


wajdi soussi

Operational   Director

Khalifa Derouiche

Marchandise Support Director

Nathalie arnaud

Support services and information system management Consultant

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