Ozeol specializes in clearance. Thus, it has:A team of specialists: more than 20 buyers working on overstocks. They analyze the products; scrutinize every detail of articles and excess inventory value by offering the best prices.

Each purchaser has specialized in one type of product; this allows them to be more effective in their sector to ensure a high quality service.

An internal quality department: Once the overstock purchase offer is validated, a sample product is sent and examined for confirmation. Our quality department is even involved in shipping the stock for inspection and final validation. Trust and quality are the main pillars of our business.

An efficient logistics: the logistics department is responsible for monitoring of the information flow and gives the order to deliver the goods to the final customer. The goals of the logistics department are:

1. Lowering the costs
2. Reducing the storage time.

Thanks to this department, Ozeol is responsible for the entire supply chain.

In most cases, the shipment to the nearest harbor supplier for the delivery sites in France is provided by Ozeol teams. Other markets in Africa and around the world are under development.

The logistics department will support choosing the best shipper based on the best cost and ensure that the delivery takes place in the best conditions and will make sure that all issues are dealt with in time.