We are an international commerce company specialized in Destocking and based in Sousse since 2010.
We source, prospect, and buy all types of products ( toys – shoes – textiles – household linen- furniture, etc). We work mainly on the Asian and French markets to resell the overstocks purchased to our client which is based in France and has more than 320 clearance stores with a launching frequency of 2 stores per month.
Other than our unit which is based in Sousse, Tunisia, we have 2 more units; in Asia and America with a possibility of extension in the future.

We are looking to hire: Training Manager

Main Job of a Training Manager:

  • Pilot the training process:
    • Ensure the proper implementation of the training process
    • Put into action a system for evaluation and for measuring the efficiency of actions taken during the training.
  • Elaborate on and implement the plan for training:
    • Create the training plans (Identify the needs of different departments, centralization, analysis, projection…).
    • Monitor and validate the training plan
    • When needed, prepare the statement scopes and launch the offer calls to respond to specific operational needs (choosing the service providers according to pedagogical and budgetary requirements…).
  • Organize and manage the training:
    • Implement the solutions concerning the training organizational matters (new process, functional organization…)
    • Track and pilot the training performance indicators.
    • Prepare the assessment sheets and provide the company management with the new updates.
  • Train and manage the team:
    • Inform, manage, train, and regulate the training team
    • Conduct individual and collective meetings
    • Identify, highlight and develop the skills of his/her team
    • Organize the distribution of activities with the training session
    • Prepare reports about key performance
    • Collaborate with Human Resources and upper management and anticipate the needs related to recruitment.
    • Monitor the coordination of agendas within his/ her team and within the training. 

Profile requirements :

  • Ability to manage human resources and outstanding management skills.
  • Ability to manage and federate his/her team and set adequate objectives.
  • Great responsiveness and decision-making.
  • Ability to set objectives and evaluate results.
  • Excellent skills in negotiation and persuasion and effective communication with different teams.
  • Know how to monitor, analyze and synthesize the indicators and the results.
  • Know how to prepare assessment sheets and implement the course of action.
  • Leadership skills, charismatic, autonomous, and initiative taker.
  • Proficiency in English and French both verbal and written.

Job Category: Training
Language: English French
Location: Tunisia


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