With many years of experience in international trade covering more than 30 countries worldwide, OZEOL is the leader in sourcing and facilitating transactions between suppliers and buyers worldwide to liquidate stocks and finished products. Categories include men’s and women’s clothing, housewares, hardware, sporting goods, tables, toys and many other items.

Main Job of a Team Leader Prospection:

  • Manage a team of prospectors.
  • Develop the skills of prospectors.
  • Participate in the recruitment process of prospection teams.
  • Prepare and deliver detailed reports to the purchasing management.
  • Follow through company regulations, purchasing procedures and deadlines.
  • Coach and manage the groups of prospectors and sources.
  • Set several qualitative and quantitative targets and assist the team in meeting them regularly.  
  • Monitor and assess the performance of prospectors and sources. 
  • Monitor the activities within the team and ensure the system is updated.
  • Ensure the implementation of the purchasing policies.
  • Accompany collaborators in developing their skills.
  • Manage the teams’ portfolios.
  • Ensure communication with the internal services.

Profile Requirements:

  • Managerial skills.
  • Innovative.
  • Communication and organisational skills.
  • Fluent in French and English.
  • Good PC skills.
  • Dynamic and curious.
  • Good active listener with an analytical and synthetic thinking.
Job Category: Prospection
Language: English French
Location: Tunisia


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