We are an international commerce enterprise specialized in Destocking. We have been based in Sousse since 12 years ago. We source, prospect, and buy all products ( toys – shoes – textile – household linen- furniture, etc). We work mainly on the Asian market and others under development to resell the overstocks purchased to our client based in France and has more than 320 clearance stores with a launching frequency of 2 stores per month.

Other than our unit based in Sousse, Tunisia, we have 2 more units; in Asia and America with a possibility of extension in the future.

We are looking to hire: Quality Management Coordinator :

Main Job of a Quality Management Coordinator :

  • Assist the manager in assuring the proper functioning of the quality management system by ensuring compliance with the internal regulations and ISO 9001 Norms and conditions. (2008 Version).
  • Ensure all the tasks related to Quality Management.
  • Verify the functioning and the compliance of processes, procedures, instructions, and others.
  • Ensure regulatory monitoring.
  • Manage the quality management approaches within the company;
  • Check the quality system’s implementation compliance with procedures, processes, and instructions… 
  • Take the necessary corrective measures with the departments in question to ensure that the non-compliances found do not occur again;
  • Prepare and assist in conducting internal audits;
  • Assist in maintaining the quality management system and oversee its deterioration on all levels;
  • Identify and analyze the issues related to Quality and provide possible corrective measures;
  • Ensure regulatory and normative monitoring;
  • Track quality management tools (documentary system…);
  • Prepare assessment sheets and reports;
  • Prepare reports on ameliorative, corrective, and preventive actions, audits, client complaints, and process reviews and provide the manager with these reports;
  • Ensure that the training plans are adequate to the needs of all personnel that encountered problems concerning quality;
  • Solve the issues related to quality;
  • Prepare reports on anomalies and non-conformities
  • Translate documents and sheets when necessary

Profile requirements:

  • Mastery of audit, statistics, and communication techniques (brainstorming, mind map, 6 thinking hats …) quality (5M, SMART, QQOCQP, 5s…)
  • In-depth knowledge of quality norms and referential
  • Good observation skills
  • Communicate efficiently with the direct and indirect work environment
  • Excellent social skills: active listening, pedagogical
  • Logical and analytical thinking, methodological
  • Strong proposal skills
  • Proficiency in French and English
  • Rigorous
  • Knowledge of desktop tools

Job Category: Quality Management
Language: English French
Location: Tunisia


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