We are an international commerce enterprise specialized in Destocking. We have been based in Sousse since 12 years ago. We source, prospect, and buy all types of products ( toys – shoes – textile – household linen- furniture, etc). We work mainly on the Asian market and others under development to resell the overstocks purchased to our client based in France and has more than 320 clearance stores with a launching frequency of 2 stores per month.

Other than our unit based in Sousse, Tunisia, we have 2 more units; in Asia and America with a possibility of extension in the future.

We are looking to hire: Network & Systems Engineer

Main Job of a Network and Systems Engineer :

  • Administrate production platforms: Maintain servers, storage, backups, networks, cloud, IPBX, SBC, and all IT infrastructures of the company in operational condition
  • Ensure the technological updates tracking and the security system infrastructure
  • Contribute to the definition and maintenance of infrastructure and system standards
  • Lead the development of equipment and infrastructure projects
  • Participate in consultations and selection of suppliers
  • Pilot the projects progress, tweak and supervise the work of suppliers,
  • Conduct compliance testing of implemented changes.
  • Manage the evolution of WAN (SDWan) and telephony services (VOIP/ TOIP cloud).
  • Optimization of the telephony network (quality measurement, design, and management of interconnections).
  • Ensure the proper functioning of the telephony system set up
  • Recommend and apply new VOIP Technologies adapted to OZEOL needs.
  • Process the support team telephony incidents and requests for assistance 
  • Maintain infrastructure documentation and event logs
  • Provide Level 3 support to the operation

Profile requirements:

  • Engineering degree in information technology, systems, and networking.
  • Significant experience in the deployment projects of system infrastructure solutions within the following technical environments :
  • Systems (Windows Server, Linux, PowerShell, Active Directory, Office 365)
  • Virtualization (VMWare, ESX, VSAN, Cluster)
  • Recovery (Veeam Backup)
  • Storage (storage hive, NAS Server, SAN…)
  • Database (SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, Sybase, Oracle)
  • Firewall (Fortinet, Cisco ASA)
  • Advanced Networking (LAN, WAN, WIFI, Routing, Encryption, Certificates,)
  • Téléphony (IPBX, SBC, TrunkSIP, Asterisk, Codec, SIP Protocols, RTP…)

Job Category: IT
Language: English French
Location: Tunisia


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