With many years of experience in international trade covering more than 30 countries worldwide, Ozeol is the leader in sourcing and facilitating transactions between suppliers and buyers worldwide to liquidate stocks and finished products. Categories of stock and finished products include men’s and women’s clothing, housewares, hardware, sporting goods, tables, toys and many other items.

Job Description:

  • Intervene and provide support on systems and technical networks
  • Detect, identify, formulate and solve technical problems.
  • Deploy workstations on an enterprise network.
  • Assist in managing technical problems.
  • Save all actions concerning stock (outputs, inputs,) on GLPI (It stands for : software of management of the computer park)
  • Prepare periodic inventories and stock status follow ups to ensure an optimal management of inputs/ outputs on GLPI
  • Prepare reports about tasks related to technical management tools and deliver them to the manager. 
  • Train new users on how to handle their desk applications and equipment.
  • Stay abreast of new technological trends in IT field.
  • Update procedures
  • Write equipment user guides

Skills & Experience:

  • Pedagogical approaches
  • Good communication skills
  • Good active listener
  • Dynamic
  • Teamwork-oriented
  • Discretion – Ethics of computer science
  • In depth understanding of Windows (Windows server 7, 10)
  • Knowledge of MICROSOFT desktop
  • Knowledge of WINDOWS networks
  • Thorough knowledge of SQL Server and MySQL
  • Comfortable while talking on the phone
  • Able to run a diagnosis of a problem from distance
  • Able to guide users and assist them
Job Category: IT
Language: English French
Location: Tunisia


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