electronicWhat we seek is providing a service that allows you to release your surplus of unsold products in warehouses, this is the clearance!


Clearance or destocking is defined by sales to liquidate products remained too long in stock. These lots are old collections such as clothing, for example.

Most of these products are new and sold with the same guarantees. They must be distinguished from refurbished products which are the subject of a repackaging.

Ozeol is the expert in products clearance of all types: entry level, mid-range or luxury. We offer customized solutions which allow you to liquidate your unsold inventory.

You can conduct an evaluation of your stock through our online quiz.

Ozeol objectives emphasizes on the evaluation of surplus stocks according to a client relationship based on transparency and the monitoring of the entire supply chain.

Ozeol commitments are: Compliance – Warranty – Reliability.

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