The apparel market becomes more scalable. We witness the birth of new collections, new looks, new trends everyday… It becomes increasingly difficult to sell its unsold lots when making the products become outdated. Time plays an important role in the evaluation of stocks of unsold clothing.

To answer your request and to allow you to free your warehouse unsold batches, Ozeol advice you and guide you in finding the best solutions.

Ozeol is a company that has specialized for years in the clearance field. The clearance specialist worldwide offers tailor-made solutions to buy your excess inventory, your Surplus production and garment stocks.

Do you have unsold lots of sweaters, t-shirts, vests, dresses or jackets? Do you want to evaluate your stock online?

You can evaluate your surplus textile articles anonymously and without engagement.

Do you want to sell your garment stock? Do you want to free your warehouse overstock of clothing items? Send us your request via our contact form and we guarantee that you will receive an answer as soon as possible.


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