If the recruitment phase represents quite a daunting test for the candidates, it is no less for the company. This essential process in the life of an organization is a commitment which consequences are felt in the long term.

Indeed, the recruitment involves financial issues related to the following costs:

  • The search for candidates
  • Administrative costs of hiring
  • Training
  • The period during which the new recruit is not yet productive
  • The time spent by recruiters and trainers

So in order to amortize and absorb such costs, it is essential to structure the recruitment by developing a recruitment plan with milestones.


For Ozeol, the recruitment process is simple and complex at once. Only people whose skills are above average can join our team.

First, you have to send us your CV via our Apply, and then if your CV will be retained, one of our human resource managers will contact you to plan an appointment in our office for a physical test … If you pass the various tests, the adventure begins and you just get your pass to start training.

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